the RIOXX metadata application profile and guidelines

RIOXX records in the wild

I am periodically surveying repositories, using a list generated by the OpenDOAR API, to see which of these are serving RIOXX 2.0 metadata records. At the time of writing, 11 repositories are declaring support for this metadata format.

You can see these listed here.

I think that these early adopters are all ePrints systems, using the recently developed ePrints plugin for RIOXX.

For each repository, I have harvested 10 RIOXX records to examine them for compliance with the RIOXX metadata profile. The results of this check are linked to from the row for each repository.

So far, none of the records harvested are compliant. This is to be expected, as testing and fixing continues with the ePrints plugin, and as the workflows within the repositories are adjusted to accomodate the new information requirements.

I hope that the repository 'validation reports' offer some useful indicators and help repository managers to achieve compliance.

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