The RIOXX Metadata Application Profile has been implemented in a number of systems. This page provides links to:

Software components

EPrints repository plugin

This plugin is funded and supported by Jisc. It adds the following functionality to an EPrints respository:

The plugin can be installed from the EPrints Bazaar. The source-code is available on GitHub.

DSpace (versions 3,4 or 5) repository patches

These patches are funded and supported by Jisc. They add the following functionality to a DSpace respository:

The patches are available on request by email to

Systems consuming RIOXX metadata

One Repo

The One Repo is a platform which “aims to make the entire open-access scholarly record available via a Web UI, embeddable widgets and various web-services, as well providing all of the metadata for direct download”.


CORE is a harvesting and aggregation system which offers “seamless access to millions of open access research papers” and provides value-added services from this aggregation.

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