the RIOXX metadata application profile and guidelines


Current version of the RIOXX Profile

  • RCUK RIOXX Application Profile Version 2.0 Final

  • Draft version(s) of the RIOXX Profile

  • RIOXX Application Profile Version 3.0 Beta 1

  • Release Notes

    Version 3.0 Beta 1 Release

    Changes since Version 2.0 Final Release:
    • <ali:license_ref>, <rioxxterms:author>, <rioxxterms:contributor>, <rioxxterms:project>, <rioxxterms:version_of_record> updated to explicitly note HTTPS use where URI values are specified.
    • Removed the <ali:free_to_read> property.
    • Removed the <rioxxterms:apc> property.
    • Addition of the a new property: <rioxxterms:record_public_release_date> encoded according to ISO8601/W3CDTF.
    • <rioxxterms:publication_date> updated to specify encoding as per ISO8601/W3CDTF, including resources with seasonal publication dates.
    • Controlled list of types in <rioxxterms:type> removed and updated to specify the COAR Controlled Vocabulary Resource Type Genres.
    • Major change to the use of <dc:identifier> to accommodate multiple 'expressions' of the same 'work'. In particular, introduction of <dc:relation> and the parallel use of the 'uri', 'deposit_date', 'resource_exposed_date' and 'type' attributes. The 'type' attribute makes use of vocabulary definitions.
    • General move away from using the XML 'id' attribute across RIOXX to uniquely identify element content using URI(s) and the introduction of the 'uri' attribute. This change specifically affects <rioxxterms:author>, <rioxxterms:contributor>, <rioxxterms:publisher> and <rioxxterms:type>.

    Version 2.0 Final Release

    Changes since version 2.0 RC 2

    Version 2.0 RC 2

    Changes since version 2.0 beta 1
    • changed dcterms:dateAccepted to only allow YYYY-MM and not YYYY
    • very slight change to wording in dc:identifier
    • recommendation to use ISBN13 rather than book title in dc:source
    • removed description of dc:subject and pointed to OpenAIRE guidelines
    • added the ali namespace prefix to <license_ref> and <free_to_read>
    • added recommendation to use ISNI for identification of funders, as well as for authors and contributors where these are organisations

    Version 2.0 beta 1

    This is an updated version of the RIOXX application profile, enhanced following the outcomes of the V4OA project.

    Changes since version 1.0

    Version 1.0

    This is the initial release of the RIOXX application profile