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Rioxx v3.0 brief update: Open Repositories 2024 and forthcoming DSpace support

Following the recent publication of Rioxx version 3.0 by the Rioxx Governance Group (RGG), we are pleased to announce that support for Rioxx 3 is forthcoming in DSpace.

The DSpace integration work, instigated and developed by Agustina Martínez-García and her University of Cambridge colleagues, adds support for a Rioxx v3.0 compliant OAI-PMH endpoint. This work has been approved and merged into the DSpace codebase, to be released in May 2024 as part of DSpace 8.0. The Cambridge team have also been working with the CORE Team to support the ongoing development and testing of CORE's Rioxx validator.

In some related news, the 19th International Conference on Open Repositories (OR2024) is due to take place in Göteborg in June. Discussion of Rioxx v3.0 will feature prominently in the conference programme, with both a paper submission and a related panel session accepted. The paper, Exploring the concept of 'custodianship' in harvesting repository resources and graphing their relations : Rioxx version 3.0, will communicate the concepts underpinning the Rioxx v3.0 approach (notably 'custodianship') and cultivate interest in the schema. The paper will alsocover DSpace 8.0 support for Rioxx and explore the discovery and graphing innovations that arise from Rioxx adoption. The panel session, How to make repository content indexed and discoverable, will focus on a set of practical recommendations for repositories to better enable, validate, and monitor repository content indexing, and will address the importance of Rioxx adoption, alongside other initiatives such as Signposting.

Further updates about Rioxx v3.0 compliance within DSpace and OR2024 will be posted here in due course.

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