the RIOXX metadata application profile and guidelines

RIOXX 2.0 beta 1 released for comment


This consultation will be closed for comments at 17:00 BST on Wednesday 16th July

We are pleased to release a beta version of RIOXX 2.0 for public comment. RIOXX 2.0 has been developed by EDINA and Chygrove Ltd, with significant input from RCUK. This work is endorsed by RCUK and HEFCE and has been funded and facilitated by Jisc.


RIOXX 1 was released in April 2013 to support institutional repositories in complying with open access reporting mandates from RCUK. Repository managers were facing a very short period of time in which to implement RIOXX. Consequently, RIOXX contained a number of compromises designed to minimise the amount of necessary software development and repository re-configuration.

Changes in the policy landscape have created a 'window of opportunity': we believe there is now sufficient time for the software development and repository reconfiguration necessary to implement a more complete version of RIOXX.


The RIOXX Team has worked closely with RCUK and HEFCE, to create a new version of the RIOXX application profile. Valid RIOXX 2.0 records are designed to satisfy the open access reporting requirements of RCUK and the REF 2020 reporting requirements of HEFCE. We expect RCUK to align its schedule for reporting with that of HEFCE. This means that repositories will have until April 2016 to reconfigure their repositories to support RIOXX 2.0, should they wish to use RIOXX to meet these funders' reporting requirements.

RIOXX 2.0 is specifically focussed on describing open access publications. It allows linking to other open access outputs types (such as research data sets for example), but does not describe these.

Vocabularies for Open Access (V4OA)

The RIOXX Team undertook to include the recommendations of the V4OA process. RIOXX 2.0 introduces several elements and vocabularies which have been recommended by V4OA.


The RIOXX Team is collaborating with OpenAIRE to ensure that there is a degree of interoperability with the OpenAIRE Guidelines For Literature Repositories (version 3.0). This interoperability is in one direction only: we undertake to ensure that a valid OpenAIRE 3.0 metadata record can be produced from a valid RIOXX 2.0 metadata record. We have invited OpenAIRE to verify interoperability and will be working closely with them in the next few weeks to test this.

Software (plugin) development and support

The RIOXX Team has had preliminary discussions with some repository system suppliers. Jisc plans to commission the development of plugins to support RIOXX 2.0 on the more popular repository platforms in use in the UK.

Jisc also plans to fund a repository support project which will have as part of its remit the support of repository managers in implementing RIOXX 2.0

Public review

RIOXX 2.0 (beta 1) is now available for public review. We anticipate making at least one further revision following your feedback - this can be offered either publicly in the comments on this blog post (preferred) or more privately to the rioxx admin email address: (also OK).

We look forward to your comments!

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