the RIOXX metadata application profile and guidelines

Developing a RIOXX profile in CERIF

I have been working with Brigitte Jörg of the CERIF Support Project to consider how the RIOXX application profile might be expressed in CERIF. CERIF has become the de-facto standard for data exchange between Current Research Information Systems (CRIS), particularly in Europe. In the spirit of working as openly as possible, we are sharing our thinking about this as we go.

One particularly interesting aspect of this has how CERIF might handle the way in which we express cardinality constraints in the RIOXX profile (e.g. 'zero or one', 'one or more' etc.). This should have wider applicability, and might be an example of how the development of CERIF can be informed by solutions developed in other frameworks such as the Dublin Core (which underpins the current RIOXX application profile).

Brigitte has written up a commentary and a draft of how this might be done. Please do not consider this to be an official or supported CERIF expression of RIOXX.

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