Governance Group minutes 2023-03-06

Monday 06 March 2023, 14:30

Attendees: Petr Knoth (PK), Mick Eadie (ME), Paul Walk (PW), Nicola Dowson (ND), Beverley Jones (BJ), George Macgregor (GM - Chair)

Minutes of last meeting

GM welcomed RGG members. The minutes of last meeting were reviewed and agreed as accurate.

In a review of actions arising, GM confirmed that the following action remain outstanding:

Action: GM to highlight possible development requirements to relevant communities for practice and repository software owners.

GM indicated that he had elected not to pursue this action until the schema Rioxx v3.0 was finalised, thereby enabling more meanginful engagement with communities of practice and software owners. PW suggested that a superior alternative would be for a detailed blog post to be published instead, soon after schema finalisation, and for this to be circulated on relevant email lists and forwarded to relevant parties, as a means of initiating engagement. RGG members agreed that this was a preferable course of action.

  • Action: Upon schema finalisation, GM to draft blog post for publication and thereafter community circulation.

In relation to the following action arising from the previous meeting:

Action: GM to liaise with Adam Vials Moore regarding AAM PID expectations under the UKRI OA Policy.

GM confirmed he had discussed PID expectations under the UKRI OA Policy with Adam Vials Moore. As anticipated, it was confirmed that the assignation of PIDs for accepted author manuscripts under the policy was not for files (e.g. a .pdf file) but instead the repository abstract page (or splash page) from which the file or files were available.

BJ noted that the UKRI Policy documentation was ambiguous and needed clarifying on this matter, as other UKCORR members were expressing similar confusion. GM highlighted that both he and PK were involved in the UKRI Technical Requirement Group, which was meeting at regular intervals to finalise the policy's technical expectations, and that he would raise the matter in that forum.

  • Action: GM/PK to raise the issue of ambiguity in the use of PIDs for AAMs with members of the UKRI Technical Requirements Group.

Resolving issues in Rioxx model: document discussion

At the previous meeting it was concluded that tensions in the metadata modelling of Rioxx needed to be solved ahead of its finalisation. Tensions and inconsistencies have been introduced the move towards the modelling of expressions. In particular, issues arising from the interaction between 'root' level description and 'expression/actionable' level relations. GM was actioned at the previous meeting to document some of these modelling issues, explore possible solutions, and circulate to RGG members for contemplation. It was anticipated that this documentation would aid decision making on resolving modelling issues at the present meeting.

GM thanked PW for providing written feedback in response to the documentation.

A lengthy discussion among RGG members ensued, with differing views expressed. It was concluded that additional work outside of the meeting would need to be undertaken to conclusively resolve the different approaches to modelling root level and expression level relationships.

ME proposed that he take real world data from Enlighten and work with GM to test various options. GM agreed that this would better enable different approaches to be tested.

  • Action: ME and GM to explore the modelling of Enlighten data within the existing schema but also within the suggestions made within the Rioxx model documentation and those made within the meeting. Following the conclusion of testing and a modelling consensus, circulate findings to RGG for agreement and publication.


PK reported that COAR were in the process of considering recommendations on metadata improvements within North American repositories. Owing to its move away from UK OA compliance considerations, PK noted that Rioxx adoption outside the UK would present improved discovery opportunities and therefore recommended that Rioxx schema finalisation occur as soon as possible.


To be confirmed but agreed by members that it should be soon after schema issues above have been addressed.

GM 13/03/2023