Version 3.0

Changes since Version 2.0 Final Release:
  • Separation of project and grant data, with the creation of new properties: <rioxxterms:grant> and <rioxxterms:project>.
  • Creation of new sub-properties <rioxxterms:name> and <rioxxterms:id>, to be used in conjunction with <rioxxterms:creator> (updated from <rioxxterms:author> in Version 2.0) and <rioxxterms:contributor>.
  • Creation of a new property: <rioxxterms:record_public_release_date> encoded according to ISO8601/W3CDTF.
  • Creation of the new property <rioxxterms:ext_relation>, used to convey external associations to related scholarly entities. Such relational associations will be scholarly entities hosted externally or outsider the direct custodianship of the repository.
  • <rioxxterms:creator>, <rioxxterms:contributor>, <rioxxterms:project> and <dc:publisher> updated to better support persistent identifier (PID) schemes. An increased range of PID schemes recommended, to reflect growing maturity in the PID landscape.
  • <rioxxterms:publication_date> updated to specify encoding as per ISO8601/W3CDTF, including resources with seasonal publication dates.
  • Type property updated from <rioxxterms:type> to <dc:type>, and updated to specify the COAR Controlled Vocabulary Resource Type Genres.
  • Properties updated throughout schema to explicitly specify use of HTTPS URIs.
  • Usage of RFC 2119 terminology updated throughout the schema.
  • Removed the <ali:free_to_read> property.
  • Removed the <rioxxterms:apc> property.
  • Removed the <rioxxterms:version_of_record> property, superseded by updates to attribute usage within the <dc:relation> and <rioxxterms:ext_relation> properties.
  • Major change to the use of <dc:identifier> to accommodate an HTTP(S) URI identifying the resource, resolving to a repository 'landing page' which describes the resource.
  • Major change to the use of <dc:relation>, with the introduction of the following associated attributes: rel, type, coar_type, coar_version, deposit_date, resource_exposed_date, access_rights, and license_ref. <dc:relation> to be used as principal mechanism for expressing the existence of harvestable file content, as well as other internally curated resources. To be considered in conjunction with the new property, <rioxxterms:ext_relation>.
  • General move away from using the XML 'id' attribute across Rioxx to uniquely identify element content using URI(s) and the introduction of the 'uri' attribute.
  • General improvements to language used in schema documentation
  • The name of the 'RIOXX Metadata Application Profile' changed to 'Rioxx: Research Outputs Metadata Schema' to better communicate its purpose

Version 2.0 Final

This is an updated version of the RIOXX application profile, enhanced following the outcomes of the V4OA project.

Changes since version 1.0

Version 1.0

This is the initial release of the RIOXX application profile